I want to talk about something I think is really important. I often travel with people that are on their very first visit to Iceland. Of course we have returning customers on our photo tours but the majority of the people that we service are first timers in the land of fire and ice. A lot of them have done quite a bit of research about what to expect. They know a lot of the locations from images they've seen on the interwebs and that's great. It's very hard to over prepare when first going to a new place, that's for sure! However, I feel it's very important to point out one thing that I've been guilty of myself when travelling to exciting places. Don't let your goal become so big that you can't see the journey. A long the way you're bound to stumble upon great things you didn't expect in the beginning. But you have to be willing to receive them, embrace them. 

This is especially true during the winter in Iceland. Weather is unpredictable and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. It will present us with great opportunities for dramatic images in places we did not expect. A good example of that is the image of the deserted farm house below. I certainly didn't set out to photograph it. I was on my way with clients to a location they wanted to photograph. We stumbled upon this scene that simply beckoned to be photographed. 

Deserted farmhouse, Dagverðará, Snæfellsnes peninsula

Just a few kilometers down from this scene we arrived on location only to come up short handed. The light was not on our side and although my fellow travellers from the US certainly photographed it, it was lacking that magic touch that only mother nature can provide. However, on the same spot there was a light house. we didn't even have to move the car. Simply walked a 100m or so and this beautiful opening in the sky presented an opportunity not be missed. 

The lighthouse at Malarrif, Snæfellsnes peninsula