I'm very excited as I write these words. I haven't been in an Icecave since last season. The Ice caves aren't something one can take for granted. They appear and disappear every season and unfortunately there's no guarantee that they will appear or how grand they are. We've been lucky in the past few seasons, especially last year. I was lucky enough to accompany people into this magical world a few times last season. For me it simply doesn't get much better then this.

Entering another world!

Tomorrow I will be returning! If all goes well I will have fresh images from the this seasons ice cave tomorrow evening and I'm psyched to say the least. For me this is the pinnacle of winter photography in Iceland. There is just something that can't be explained about standing underneath 2000 year old ice that behaves like a living beast. You feel dwarfed by nature to put it mildly.

Me in an Icecave