Brúarfoss waterfall in moody light.

Reflecting back on 2014 I'm torn. I have to admit that I'm a firm believer in that you can always do better. I tend to see all the flaws in my work but once every blue moon I manage to create something that  I don't loath. 

Mt. Herðubreið engulfed in toxic fumes from Holuhraun eruption

When standing in front of a breathtaking scene you wan't to do it justice by bringing back the best possible image of it you can. Every now and then I think I have just about managed to do so. For me it's also very important to seize opportunities. Many a times I've set out with a specific location in mind and a strong mental image in my head of what I would bring back. Most of the time I've been let down by the result when I get back. 

Looking back on my favourite photographs of last year (The ones that I'm not terribly ashamed of). I realised that almost all of them shared a common factor. They were not a part of my main objective. I had always set out to photograph something else and had stumbled upon them on the way. 

So maybe it's finally time to take Frankie goes to Hollywood seriously and Relax a bit. Let go of the mental images and embrace the journey. Enjoy it all! 

The images in this post are all from 2014 and are the ones that stood out for me personally.

Happy new year to everyone near and far 

Gullfoss waterfall clad in ice.

Lake Selvallavatn in the Snæfellsnes penintula

A lonely house in Reykjanes penintula

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